Timeless and Functional Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a classic choice that will never go out of style. Made up of horizontal slats that can be adjusted to let in more or less light, these shutters are perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

With better air flow, natural light, and insulation, plantation shutters help to lower energy costs and decrease the chances of allergic reactions.

In addition to their practical benefits, shutters are a great solution for unconventional windows and doors and can be installed on the interior or exterior of your property.

Created with quality and functionality in mind, they offer unbeatable protection, comfort, and elegance that will ensure the safety and happiness of your loved ones.

Material Type


Basswood plantation shutters offer a warm and natural look that only real timber can provide. They are popular for their durability and insulating properties, keeping your home comfortable year-round. Made from sustainably grown timber, Basswood shutters come in various natural colours and textures. They are resistant to heat and water, don’t warp or get damaged easily, and help maintain your desired indoor temperature. These lightweight shutters are environmentally friendly and perfect for indoor windows.


PVC Plantation Shutters, a beloved choice in Australia, add elegance to your home. They’re named for their classic design, fitting well in any space, from modern townhouses to cozy bedrooms. These shutters give you control over light and privacy, while also protecting from sun damage and noise. They’re tough, thanks to their aluminium core, and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Luxsol Poly100, even better than PVC, keeps your home comfortable and energy-efficient. In essence, PVC Plantation Shutters combine style and function beautifully.

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